One of the best perks about living in Florida is the year-round tropical climate and the constant sunshine accompanying you during your time on the court. The summer season tends to lean a little warmer than usual but we don’t want your tennis skills to suffer because of the increasing heat. Our tips below will help you keep your opponent on his toes despite the rising temperatures:


Dress Like You’re Playing at Wimbledon – White or light-colored clothing helps reflect the sun’s heat, not absorb it. If you don’t believe it works, go put your hand on a white car, then see how long you can keep it there on a black car. On hot summer days try to incorporate as much light-colored or white clothing as you can. White hats can be especially effective.


Pay Attention to Your Feet – Hard courts trap heat and then send that right up through your feet. It’s essential to wear quality tennis shoes to keep the bottoms of your feet and the rest of your body cool.


The Jimmy Connors Special – Jimmy Connors was one of the few you would see on the pro tour that would soak a bandana in cold water and tie around his neck, says Matt Gleason, president of USTA Southern Arizona Tennis. Connors was onto something. Your body’s pulse points, such as behind the ears, the temples and the wrists, are sensitive to the cold. Sticking your wrists under cold water, for instance, can produce a cooling effect. When you’re on the court, use a bandana or wrist bands soaked in cold water to help you stay cool. There are now several companies that make so-called cooling bandanas, which are designed to stay cold longer.


Join A Club – GlenLakes Country Club in Weeki Wachee ensures that all of the necessary summer amenities are available to help you beat the heat. Plenty of drinking water is available on six, professional clay courts  and when you’re done, cool off in the junior Olympic sized pool or enjoy an air-conditioned lunch at the state-of-the-art clubhouse.


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