It’s officially autumn at GlenLakes and like everywhere else, we’re playing in the foliage, right? This is Florida; no leaves to rake here. We’re getting ready for Stone Crab Season! With the array of dining destinations to choose from around GlenLakes, you won’t have trouble finding those tasty claws. Just call ahead first, to be sure it’s on the menu.

What is Stone Crab? Stone crab is a special delicacy that seafood-loving Floridians find to be the most scrumptious tasting crustacean anywhere. The Stone Crab is not like other crabs, it has a round body and rounded claws, and crawls on the sea bottom, but doesn’t swim. It has white fleshy meat, similar to that of a lobster, but boasts a distinctively rich taste. During the holidays, Stone Crab is traditionally served by native Floridians to celebrate their heritage. The Stone Crab’s flavor makes it one of the most popular dishes in the Sunshine State.

We’re all about the water here in Weeki Wachee. With our many waterways, natural springs and the Gulf, we are world-famous for our inshore and offshore fishing. Stone Crab season sends a bevy of commercial fisherman to the rippling blues to set up crab traps. Most Fisherman cook the crabs right on the boat to ensure its fresh delivery to local restaurants. The Stone Crabs are found in the Gulf of Mexico, so we’re close to all the action!

Don’t forget, after dinner comes dessert, so serve or order the delicious Stone Crab with the perfect chaser: key lime pie. Stone Crab is rich and filling, so key lime pie is a nice light dessert to finish the meal with. There’s a lot of shell cracking involved when you’re eating a Stone Crab, so you’ll have worked up an appetite for something sweet when you’re done. If you’re getting it from the market, you might want to have the seafood market crack the shell for you. The shells are tough to crack, but the Stone Crab is no match for the fisherman’s traps.

Here is one of our favorite recipes for Mustard Dipping Sauce, our favorite way at GlenLakes to enjoy this Florida favorite at home:

Mustard Dipping Sauce
1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup prepared horseradish
1/4 cup dijon mustard
1 teaspoon hot sauce, such as Frank’s
1 1/2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

Mix all together, and pour dipping sauce into a small bowl. Place dipping bowl on a large plate and fan crab claws around the circumference.
*Note: Stone crab claws are sold already cooked, making them a great party dish

You can find Stone Crab at seafood restaurants all over Florida, especially along the coasts. Become a resident of GlenLakes and you’ll be right on the Gulf, and because of that…we like to think our Stone Crab service is the freshest catch around. Don’t forget to try some mom and pop eateries for unique recipes and true Floridian vibes. At GlenLakes we have a ton of restaurants to choose from. Checkout out our interactive map here, and find a spot with the famous Stone Crab. So forget the Pumpkins and the costumes at GlenLakes, it’s Stone Crab Season, enjoy it with your friendly neighbors like a real Floridian! For more information on how you can become a resident at GlenLakes just click here.