When living in an area like Weeki Wachee, loaded with adventure, activities and beautiful weather year round, it is easy to find exciting, new ways to stay connected in your community. As residents are drawn by the lure of adventure or seek a natural place to decompress, Florida’s Adventure Coast makes it easier for families and communities to connect with each other. It’s time to leave the phones and tablets at home and explore Florida’s Adventure Coast.

The best place in Weeki Wachee to reconnect is Weeki Wachee State Park at the world famous mermaid show.  The mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park have delighted visitors since 1947. Today, visitors can still witness the magic of the mermaids, take a river boat cruise and canoe or kayak on the Weeki Wachee River. The 538-acre park features a first magnitude spring and a 400-seat submerged theater for watching the live mermaid show.

The eight mile trip from Weeki Wachee Springs State Park northwest to Pine Island Beach borders the vast Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area.  Watch the wooded roadside for wildlife such as bald eagle, deer, wild pigs, Osceola wild turkey and more.

Emerge from the trees to a revelation as the expansive salt marsh opens up to you. This Gulf of Mexico border is distinctive to Florida’s Adventure Coast. Splitting down the middle, peaceful and scenic vistas extend from both sides of the roadway.

Soon the road ends at Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park, a great place to stop and spend some time. Grab a seat at this three-acre beach and linger to watch the tide come in or go out while children burn off steam on the playground or chasing seagulls. Grab a snack at Willy’s Tropical Grill.

Make a right turn at the end of Pine Island Drive to nearby Bayport Park for a scenic river or sunset cruise with Bayport River Safari.

Captain Gary will meet you at the pier, welcoming you and your group aboard the River Tale for a comfortable, narrated tour of the pristine Weeki Wachee River. Evenings are perfect for catching a vibrant winter sunset from the water during a leisurely evening cruise.

Choose delightful local dining at the historic Bayport Inn or a nearby Hernando Beach restaurant like Brian’s Place or The Cove.

The residents at GlenLakes know the importance of staying connected as a community.  With the Club House as social hub for friends and family, there are so many ways to turn your neighbors into friends when living at GlenLakes.  Not only do we have many ways to stay connected internally, we have the luxury of being located next to all of the action where these organizations and clubs take place.  The opportunities are endless when living at GlenLakes.  To see what the lifestyle is all about, click here.


With summer coming to an end and the “colder” weather heading our way, Hernando County makes sure to keep the outdoor activities coming.  So, what comes with colder weather in Hernando County? Manatees!  Manatees are beginning to congregate in large herds looking for warmer water, and they find it every year in our crystal clear, warm Florida springs.

You can spot these elephant relatives year round in Florida but it is much easier in the cooler months when the large numbers cluster near the warm water.  Manatees are gentle giants weighing anywhere between 1,000-3,500 pounds, but don’t worry they spend their days grazing along grass flats consuming up to ten percent of their body weight in marine vegetation each day and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

So where can you find these gentle underwater mammals? Many Florida guide company’s specialize in manatee trips, either by boat, canoe or kayak where anyone can get a closer look. Luckily for Hernando County, some of the most popular viewing areas are local.

Hernando County’s Weeki Wachee River is one of the spots where manatee’s are known to travel up and down to enjoy the warm springs.  The best part about searching for these incredible mammals on the Weeki Wachee River is the translucent waterway with a sandy, shallow bottom that makes viewing much easier.  Paddling Adventures will provide equipment and tips for an enjoyable kayak ride down the river.  Manatees are a plus, but the river also provides an abundance of other wildlife to see.

The residents of GlenLakes are surrounded by outdoor activities that make it easy to live an adventurous lifestyle.  With nature as your backyard, there are always beautiful things to see and experience every day.  Spend less time worrying about your home with maintenance free living at GlenLakes and more time discovering what’s outside your front door.  To see what the GlenLakes lifestyle is all about, click here.