Fresh to table dining, also known as farm to table dining has become popular among many areas within the past few years.  Living a healthy lifestyle has become all the rage.  When you hear the term “fresh-to-table,” do you really know what it means?  There is a lot that goes into the process for restaurants to offer this admired way of dining to their menu.

This system includes buying goods that are produced on nearby farms or ranches.  Items are often bought from low-volume growers who exercise quality control over their products to ensure the freshest possible food, including ingredients produced without using pesticides, growth hormones or other chemicals linked to health problems.

For Nature Coast restaurants, this method is used often used with seafood.  This works bringing in fresh seafood from local fishing boats from the Gulf of Mexico.  In some cases dishes appear on plates the same day.

Here is a list of restaurants on the nature coast that are taking on this new way of dining:

  1. Pearl in the Grove
  2. Local Public House
  3. Rebecca’s
  4. Oysters
  5. Florida Cracker Kitchen

The residents of GlenLakes are surrounded by outdoor activities that make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle.  Being close to all of these “fresh to table” restaurants makes it even easier.  Spend less time worrying about your home with maintenance free living at GlenLakes and more time discovering what’s outside your front door.  To see what the GlenLakes lifestyle is all about, click here.