GlenLakes redefines the Florida lifestyle by offering a wide variety of activities and group sporting activities for Members to enjoy. One of our favorites in the GlenLakes community is Tennis. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, we offer a variety of tennis opportunities for you to enjoy. Don’t worry if you have never picked up a racquet, it is a great time to meet new people and players of every level are staying fit and having fun!

Here is a tennis tip from our Director of Tennis:

Tennis Tip: Vary your Volley Tactics

Control of the net is a must to win in doubles and that means volleying with skill and “intelligence”. Not all net play is super aggressive. If the ball is a “sitter” or “floater” then jump on it…knock it away for a winner. However if the ball is soft and below the net…do nothing…be polite…hit a nice little touch angle or drop shot.

Use this rule:

  • If the ball is above the net…go ahead and knock the snot out of it. If you can aim the ball you should position your shot behind the closest person to the net. Chances are your opponent won’t be able to handle it.
  • If the ball just clears the net…I consider this ball to be a neutral shot…volley the ball back to the opponents. Let them play. Don’t try anything special here. Be patient and wait for a mistake or better shot.
  • If the ball is below the net…”Do nothing”. I always say, “If you get nothing…you should give them nothing back”. In other words, if you try to do too much with this low ball you will most likely hit up to your opponents and they will be laying in wait to attack the ball and hurt you (literally). Basically, you should hit it like a drop shot or touch angle and force your opponent to “get stupid”. Remember, I said you must play the net with skill and with “intelligence”.

Being a Member has its perks, including no extra fees for court-time. Meet your favorite couple for a game of doubles on the GlenLakes courts! For more information on home ownership click here.