With innovations enhancing the game of golf, plus the PGA Tour’s thrilling rivalries as the sun sets on the Tiger Era- Golf is hotter, healthier and better than ever. So let us count the ways!


Fitters say the reason a lot of people hit it sideways is because they haven’t been custom-fit. Trying to figure out the swing with clubs whose length, weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size don’t match the body encourages players to make unnatural compensations that prevent them from developing proper mechanics.


Many golf courses such as GlenLakes on the Nature Coast offer online tee time booking. Members can see what is available without having to talk to a person on the phone especially when the course is busy. There are also more golf apps than ever before such as thegrint.com to log scores, track your handicap, and even receive a revised index twice monthly.


Stats gurus have made it easier for Tour pros and average Joes to shoot better scores. Consider: 18-handicappers leave 16 percent of their 10-foot putts below the hole, while Tour pros leave only 7 percent short from that distance. Improving your distance control on putts is a great way to lower your score.


Some great new golf titles including Lucky Boy, the coming-of-age golf novel by Cameron Morfit hit the shelves this year. Claudia Mazzucco tees off with Legendary Lessons, and the USGA’s Official Illustrated Guide to the Rules of Golf offers a new vision of the game.


GlenLakes Golf Membership offers the privileges of a private club—without the typical private club price tag. Members enjoy unlimited tee times as well as the opportunity to play in tournaments and enjoy special events. Membership initiation fees are waived when you purchase a home through the GlenLakes realty office.

The 18-hole, 6,782 yard championship course is the crown jewel of GlenLakes. It’s challenging, beautiful and impeccably maintained. Mature stands of oak and pine, water features, undulating hills and sand traps provide endless variations of play. Complementing the course is an Aqua driving range. After every game enjoy camaraderie at “The 19th Hole”, the main bar & lounge at the clubhouse. For more information, click here.

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Hailing from Sora, Italy, three young brothers opened the doors to Condrain in Toronto circa 1954. Condrain is one of the development companies building GlenLakes in Weeki Wachee, Florida. Now celebrating over 60 years in business, Condrain has become one of the largest and most successful infrastructure construction companies in North America. Check out these impressive numbers:

  • Condrain installs over 120,000 m of sewers and water mains in any given year. That’s the same distance from Toronto to Niagara Falls.
  • Condrain services over 12,000 residential lots per year. That’s equivalent to a new city the size of Aurora, Ontario every other year!
  • Condrain provides water to new communities through its pipelines to the tune of over one billion liters of water per year!
  • Over its 60 plus years in business, Condrain has laid enough pipe to take you to the center of the Earth.
  • Condrain is part owner of GlenLakes on the Nature Coast bringing their quality and expertise to the community.

Condrain has always been about infrastructure, and delivering it in a form that’s efficient, timely and incredibly reliable, exceeding industry quality standards. The company and its divisions now deliver a 360-degree development process including the community of GlenLakes.

Among other trusted developers, Condrain sets the stage for GlenLakes’ outstanding portfolio of homes. For those seeking a new address in Florida, GlenLakes might just fit the bill. GlenLakes captures everything to love about the Florida lifestyle: championship golf, country club amenities, a secure, immaculately maintained community and of course beautiful homes. For more information on a home in this private gated community, click here.

The general methodology of a bump & run shot is to land the ball a third of the way on the green and let the ball run the remaining two thirds distance to the hole. The margin of error on a bump and run shot is far less than trying to loft the ball high in the air and land it close to the hole with minimum run. Remember, you can land an object on a spot closer to you much more effectively than on a spot that is farther away.

This shot is best executed from a short grass lie with a 7, 8 or 9 iron or PW, depending on the distance you are from the hole. You can also use a SW for this shot if you are in the rough, as the rough will take away the normal spin that is imparted on the ball. The ball must be placed in the back of your stance. Your weight should be leaning on your front leg and your hand position should be slightly forward of the ball. The stroke should be executed similarly to a putting stroke, without a breaking of the wrist, thus achieving a one-lever motion.

The PGA & LPGA Tour professionals have been taking advantage of the ease of bumping and running the ball. Phil Mickelson is now running the ball more than ever because he has more control with it than his old go to flop shot. He is seeing the value in keeping the ball on the ground and running it wherever possible.

GlenLakes highly respected professional golf staff is always ready to offer advice and lessons to help you improve your game. The private 18-hole championship course is challenging, beautiful and impeccably maintained. Mature stands of oak and pine, water features, undulating hills and sand traps provide endless variations of play. After every game enjoy camaraderie at “The 19th Hole”, the main bar & lounge at the clubhouse. For more information about golf at GlenLakes, click here.