In Hillsborough County, our adventurous terrain is made for outdoor excursions. GlenLakes is in the center of it all, and the residents can’t get enough of our natural habitat in Weeki Wachee. This month, The Florida Birding & Nature Festival is plentiful with outdoor explorations just waiting for the natural enjoyment of Mother Earth. If you’ll be coming along, remember it’s officially fall, but it’s still Florida, so dress for warmer conditions. The Festival Committee has organized these environmental field trips on October 14th, led by expert field guides, to usher guests in the right direction and provide insight into the wonders of our city’s natural features.


From 7a.m. – 1p.m., bring your binoculars to Fort DeSoto County Park for Extreme Birding. With over 250 species of birds recorded, the park is a premier birding destination in Florida. This trip is meant for advanced birders and will be repeated both Saturday and Sunday. All birding beginners are scheduled for the Sunday observation. So, if you’re in the know regarding birds, brush up on your identification and migratory patterns. If your new to the flock, enjoy the visions of graceful flight and hum along with the harmonies composed of chirping melodies. It’s your chance to revel in a day of new found understanding and admire the beauty of Earth’s creatures. It’s important to note that birds see color, so if you’re coming on the trip, be sure to dress in neutral colors, so that you don’t disrupt the natural inhabitants.  To join, there is a small fee of $20 per person, a toll of $2 and a parking charge of $5.00 per vehicle. This trip is limited to 20 participants, so jump on the bandwagon while you still can!

If you’re more of an active observer, from 8a.m. – 3p.m. join the Little Manatee River Kayaking for Turtles Trip, at The Canoe Outpost! You’ll be paddling downriver on a six-mile stretch of scenic wildlife, while enjoying the leisure of one of Florida’s most beloved water sports. This trip boasts a special emphasis on the natural history and identification of riverine turtles. You’ll be streaming down the river through lunchtime, so bring small coolers with a few bites to eat and some drinks. It’s only $30 to indulge in this engaging field trip and only a lucky 12 participants are permitted, so if you love to Kayak, make your decision with hast!

Adding a little culture into the mix never ruined anyone’s fun! If you’re always looking to increase your wealth of knowledge, find your way to the Camp Bayou Learning Center to learn about ants and their social structure. We see ants every day, why not get to know our inconveniently, irritating neighbors? During the ant farm expedition, you will master ant behaviors, physiology and how to discriminate between the native species and those that create problems for humans, ugh! The camp is designed for all ages and you are encouraged to bring a magnifying glass and other investigative tools. This trip is later in the day, 2p.m. – 4:30p.m., so grab a bite to eat before you join the group.

If you love outdoor adventures, GlenLakes is a friendly neighbor to some of the most interesting habitats in the Sunshine State. October is a month filled with events, but at GlenLakes there is always more to come! Become a resident of GlenLakes and see for yourself just how scenic and venture filled the likes of Weeki Wachee is. Just know, you don’t have to be outdoorsy to love our location. Grab a good book, a cup of coffee and just take in the scenic views of our neighborhood. Weeki Wachee is the perfect place to do all the activities you never dreamed of or simply relax and take in the serenity of our natural oasis. Interact with us here, and just imagine waking up to all of this every day.