Ever wonder if it were possible to find history, nature and serenity all in one place? In a quaint and quite Florida town called Cedar Key, it is. With its picturesque beaches, secluded state parks, and historical museum, Cedar Key is the perfect getaway.

For the history buff, the Cedar Key Historical Museum showcases the village’s unique history dating back to prehistoric times. Exhibits include Native American artifacts, the 2nd Seminole Indian War, John Muir’s Journey, the Cedar Pencil Industry, the Seafood and Clam Industry, the Florida Railroad and Donax Broom Manufacturing.

For the nature enthusiast, the Cedar Key Railroad Testle Nature Trail offers an easy walk beneath the towering pines, beside aromatic cedars, and among dozens of varieties of plants and wildlife. Take a stroll and enjoy the natural beauty and serenity available in our backyard. This time of year is especially perfect for an outdoor walk.

For the animal lover and adventurer, Manatee Springs State Park offers crystal clear water for swimming and perfect picnic sites for an outdoor meal. In the winter, West Indian Manatees swim up the river to the warmer waters of the springs. It’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of these gentile creatures and snap some unforgettable photos.

Explore Cedar Key with just a quick, one-hour car ride away from home at GlenLakes. The community of GlenLakes not only offers an outstanding portfolio of homes but also the ease and convenience to experience Florida’s hidden gems. A day trip escape awaits at Cedar Key. For more local activities and day trip ideas, click here.