One of the best and most satisfying things about living the Florida lifestyle is being able to take advantage of everything that the outdoors has to offer year round.  From sandy beaches to marshy swamps, Florida has something for everyone.  There is always a fun, outdoors activity somewhere if you just look for it.

The Heritage-Eco River Tour is one of those activities that is special to Florida.  The tour is located at the Crystal River Preserve State Park in Crystal River, Florida.  The program is called “The Ancient River Dwellers” and it is held weekly for anyone that would like to their outdoors on!

The vessel “Monroe” is the vehicle used for the Heritage-Eco River Tour and holds up to 24 people. The 1½-hour trip allows participants to see the coastal marsh and learn how it and the associated marine estuary provided for the pre-Columbian people that lived there.  This activity is just has much fun as it is educational, so gather up your family and friends and join in on the fun!

For the residents at GlenLakes, an outdoors lifestyle is something they live everyday.  Nature and outdoor activities are something that is very important in the day to day at GlenLakes.  Living in an area that provides endless opportunities for activities such as the River Tours is just one of the amazing things about being a part of the GlenLakes community.  GlenLakes is right where you want to be: in the action, yet surrounded by tranquility.  To see what the lifestyle is all about, click here.

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