With innovations enhancing the game of golf, plus the PGA Tour’s thrilling rivalries as the sun sets on the Tiger Era- Golf is hotter, healthier and better than ever. So let us count the ways!


Fitters say the reason a lot of people hit it sideways is because they haven’t been custom-fit. Trying to figure out the swing with clubs whose length, weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size don’t match the body encourages players to make unnatural compensations that prevent them from developing proper mechanics.


Many golf courses such as GlenLakes on the Nature Coast offer online tee time booking. Members can see what is available without having to talk to a person on the phone especially when the course is busy. There are also more golf apps than ever before such as thegrint.com to log scores, track your handicap, and even receive a revised index twice monthly.


Stats gurus have made it easier for Tour pros and average Joes to shoot better scores. Consider: 18-handicappers leave 16 percent of their 10-foot putts below the hole, while Tour pros leave only 7 percent short from that distance. Improving your distance control on putts is a great way to lower your score.


Some great new golf titles including Lucky Boy, the coming-of-age golf novel by Cameron Morfit hit the shelves this year. Claudia Mazzucco tees off with Legendary Lessons, and the USGA’s Official Illustrated Guide to the Rules of Golf offers a new vision of the game.


GlenLakes Golf Membership offers the privileges of a private club—without the typical private club price tag. Members enjoy unlimited tee times as well as the opportunity to play in tournaments and enjoy special events. Membership initiation fees are waived when you purchase a home through the GlenLakes realty office.

The 18-hole, 6,782 yard championship course is the crown jewel of GlenLakes. It’s challenging, beautiful and impeccably maintained. Mature stands of oak and pine, water features, undulating hills and sand traps provide endless variations of play. Complementing the course is an Aqua driving range. After every game enjoy camaraderie at “The 19th Hole”, the main bar & lounge at the clubhouse. For more information, click here.

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It’s tax time and while many people don’t look forward to filling out those government forms, Floridians have something to smile about. Weather isn’t the only benefit to moving south, tax deductions can be a serious perk for Florida homeowners. Here are the top tax deductions Florida homeowners may qualify for:

Florida Homestead Exemption: For snowbirds making the move from high-tax environments, Florida’s Homestead Exemption is a welcome bonus. The Exemption is available to bona fide Florida residents who live in, and claim a residence as their permanent and primary home. This Florida perk can save homeowners up to $50,000 in property taxes.

Missing the Mortgage Interest Deduction: Itemized deductions on your Federal income taxes can be a great way to lower your tax bill. You can deduct the interest portion of your mortgage payments. That might mean your itemized deductions will now exceed the standard, saving you tax dollars. Your first mortgage isn’t the only loan that qualifies, either. In many cases, you can also deduct interest on home equity loans, second mortgages, and home equity lines of credit.

Neglecting Your Home Office: To qualify for this deduction, your office space must be used regularly and only for business. You can deduct a proportionate amount of a number of expenses, including insurance, repairs, utilities, services, and depreciation, which can really add up. Or you can use the simple method of multiplying the square footage of the office by $5 for your total deduction.

Tax benefits can make homeownership in Florida even more attractive than the year round warm weather. GlenLakes in Hernando County not only had a low milage rate of 18.7875 for 2015 compared to other Florida counties but also has an outstanding portfolio of homes. Designed for easy living and gracious entertaining, GlenLakes offers estate homesites for building or choose from a stunning inventory of homes. For more information on becoming a homeowner in GlenLakes, click here.
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It’s almost the New Year. As we say goodbye to 2015, it’s time to look ahead at what 2016 will bring to the real estate market. Economic growth will continue to chug along, employment will continue to increase, and homebuyers will continue to feel confident in purchasing a new home. Here’s a closer look at the trends for 2016:

New homes will come back big time. New home construction was one of the hardest-hit industries after the housing bust. Single-family home construction increased 10 percent this year and is expected to rise another 23 percent in 2016, according to the National Association of Home Builders. That coincides with healthy sales. New home sales grew 15 percent this year and are forecasted to jump 26 percent in 2016.

Buyers will want green and smart homes. Homebuilders are increasingly incorporating eco-friendly features into projects to meet growing demand largely from affluent Baby Boomers who prioritize energy efficiency, a healthier indoor environment and durability. More than half of builders say they are working on green projects, according to a study from Dodge Data & Analytics for the National Association of Home Builders. Those percentages are expected to rise over the next five years.

Homeowners want to be social. Neighborhoods with a clubhouse allow residents to easily stay social and make new friends. With more time on their hands from retirement, boomers want a clubhouse for member dining, hospitality and entertainment. They also want natural amenities such as kayaking, biking, and walkable communities.

For those seeking a new address in Florida, GlenLakes on the Adventure Coast might just fit the bill.  Located along the coast north of Tampa, GlenLakes captures everything to love about the Florida lifestyle: natural surroundings, championship golf, country club amenities, a secure, immaculately maintained community and captivating home designs, perfect for entertaining and relaxation. For more information on a new 2016 home in this waterfront community, click here.

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800-pounds of gray giant gently breaks the water’s surface with two perfectly round nostrils and many, many whiskers. The warm springs of Citrus County are an extremely popular refuge for endangered West Indian manatees. The springs allow these docile creatures to escape winter’s cold and serve as a place to mate and nurse their young. In winter, Citrus has the world’s largest collection of manatees in their natural environment and their local Florida neighbors are anxious to say hello. Few people realize that Citrus County is the only place in America that you can legally enter the water with these gentle giants. Here’s how:

Kayak, Canoe or Paddleboard: Some of the best places to see manatees this way is in King’s Bay in Crystal River, the Chassahowitzka River, and the Homosassa River. Guides and rental companies have everything that is needed for a manatee-filled adventure.

Swimming Tours: Although visitors can go it alone, guides are recommended. Guides are knowledgeable about federal regulations for manatee interactions, and swim-with tour operators show all guests a short manatee manners video.

View From Land: One of the most popular places for manatees to go in the winter is Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River. Visitors to the property can’t enter the water from land, but they get an unbeatable view of the springs and manatees from the boardwalk that surrounds the area.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park: This is home to captive manatees, many of which are being rehabilitated and will eventually be released back into the wild. It’s the perfect place to see manatees by land, no wetsuit required! Manatees meander in the headspring of the Homosassa River and relax in their custom pools.

Lucky for residents of GlenLakes, these gentle giants are just a short drive away. With visiting grandchildren and guests, it’s a real thrill to experience the natural wildlife in person. When the eco tour is complete, it’s time to hit the links, and GlenLakes newest home sites are located between the 10th, 11th and 12th fairways. Each estate home offers outstanding views and plenty of room for friends and family visiting from the north. For more information on living the Florida lifestyle at GlenLakes, click here